maandag 14 april 2014

Robert Schuman wants your vote!

Robert Schuman, 'Père de l'Europe' and co-founder of the European Coals and Steel Community (EU forerunner)

Well, actually it is Karen Melchior who wants you to vote. This is the story.

I was cold-called, last Friday. Or rather cold-emailed. Someone mailed me, someone called Karen Melchior, and she drew my attention to the fact that foreigners - EU-citizens, that is -  can register to vote for the European Parlement. The deadline for registration is 22 april, did I know that?

No, I didn't, and I did not know her either. In fact, I felt a little bit spammed, but instead of throwing away her mail I mailed her back. Because I was curious about the why and how of her e-mail. And also because I felt SO tempted to click on the link in her mail. But clicking on links in mails from persons you don't know, is the grown-up version of following the man who promises you candy. You don't do that.

So I wrote a very short mail, and did not expect much out of it, other than it being bounced.

But no. Within twenty minutes, I got a reply, in which she apologised for spamming and explained that the tempting link in fact was a link to the site of the Ministry of Economy and Internal Affairs, showing how you can register tor vote in Denmark as a European citizen. And the reason she mailed me, was that she had read my blog.

That flattered me right into outer space, of course. So now I am spamming you with a call to come out to register and vote – if you are a European citizen, that is.

Sad thing is that I cannot vote in Denmark myself. I, as a dutiful Dutch citizen, have already registered to vote in Holland, by letter. It was more of a democratically inspired Pavlov-reaction than a well-considered political deed – which realised when I received the Danish registration papers in the mail. Then it dawned on me that it was perhaps a better idea to vote for Danish candidates. After all, I live in Denmark. But then again, we are all one big European family. Or are we? But I digress...

So please register, in your own country or here, and vote. And if you are casting your vote in Denmark, you might consider voting for Karen Melchior. I can't.

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